Copyright Policy

Consequences of Copying/Buying/Selling/Harming the videos-

Each & every video is COPYRIGHTED and is owned by FLC LEARNING PRIVATE LIMITED.

Any kind of hacking or causing any sort of damage to the videos is a PUNISHABLE offence. You are only allowed to watch the videos till the time they are valid.

It is advisable that you do not share the videos with your friends as at times they try to harm the videos but this act will ultimately put you in trouble.

Please do NOT try to record the lectures by any other means.

If you are found BUYING or SELLING the lectures illegally then you will be liable to pay a heavy amount as compensation and many more legal actions will be taken.

PS: If you see any illegal activities being held in the name of FLC LEARNING PRIVATE LIMITED / Neeraj Arora / EDU91 or FinLearnClub or Fin91 please report to us on 9810113555.